Everybody Ain't Meant To Go On YOUR Trip

So this piece derived from a recent conversation with a friend. The only explanation I could give was a spiritual one.

She is stuck in neutral over not knowing how to let go. Letting go is never easy especially when it gives the appearance of belonging. I struggle with it sometimes myself I know I'm not the only one who battles with letting go! Now, some people are pack rats, hoarders or collectors of things that have no value to them or way past there need or use for them. That's not me at all. Even beer now have "best if drink before dates" on them. This time limit thing is getting out of hand but people definitely come with expiration dates as well.
What is it that makes us hold on to "things" that serve us no purpose or add value to our lives? Comfortability? The fear or unknown of what replaces what we are holding on to? I do believe that in life sometimes you have to have to subtract to add. I am a firm believer that God will dismantle your entire l…

Wrong Side Of The Fence

It's been awhile since I shared... and my motivation for writing this is currently on the wrong side of the fence.
I never had a issue with helping others dissect their relationships and even help find resolutions. I know that some look at me as resource for good, genuine, honest self assessment. It's no secret that if you want me to lie to you im NOT your guy.
My issue was I always could write the perscription for someone else's ailment but I could never apply the medicine to my own life/relationships.
The success or failure your relationships are absolutely one hundred percent completely dependent on the two parties involved. PERIOD!! That's it and nobody else. NOBODY!! Anything other than the two parties involved is an INTRUDER!!
In marriage vows you pledge to your spouse "what God has formed, let no man put asunder". Before I start unpacking this, let me say this should be applied to every relationship with purpose.
First the word "Asunder" …